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Flying Boat Sites (Sea-Planes)

The Seaplane
Pilots Association
Here's a picture of a
Northrup Grumman Albatross
(a flying boat that I'd like to own some day)
Here's a web site Dedicated to
HU-16 Grumman Albatrosses
A Picture of the
Hemisphere Dancer.
Jimmy Buffett's Seaplane
The Seaplane Museum in
Ft Pierce, FL
Yet Another Set of Pictures of the
Hemisphere Dancer

The Seaplane Museum has a section for books, videos, and DVD's.  Among their list of recommendations are books by Jimmy Buffett.


Rollercoaster Sites

Thrill Ride! Cedar Point
Paramount's Kings Island

Jimmy Buffett Links

My little collection of Jimmy Buffett links
That I've found on the web...


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