Spring Break '99
Key West, Florida

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Here are some of the pictures from our trip to Key West down in the Conch Republic. 
Click on the flag for a small history of the Conch Republic.

We had a few problems with the bus, but getting down there was half the fun, at least for me anyway.

Click on a picture for a the actual picture.
To those of you that went to Key West with me:   If you have any pictures that you'd like to put up here, let me know chavez@roqueweb.com

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Our bus, along with all of the Iowa State Students that came along.   Well, except for that girl (sorry, I forget her name), she's an Iowa State Student that happened to be at the same campground.

(From L to R):
     Mike (Ben), Wiz (Detox),
     Meise (Captain), Jeff (Frankie),
     Todd (Abe), Rabo (Grainbelt),
     Kevin (Krausey), Pete (???),
     Bill (Jack), James (Modano),
     Ian (Chavez), Zack (Nutz or Sac),
     Mystery Chick ???

     Not Pictured:  Jeremy (Ferris),
                           Brian (Ernest),
                           and Justin (Otto).


Our first breakdown in Ocala, FL
(about 60 miles Northwest of Orlando, FL).


Bill, Wiz, and Jeremy (Ferris) chillin' in front of the bus druing our first breakdown.


A shot of the tow truck from within the bus while we were getting towed around Orlando, FL.


Another shot of the bus on the tow.


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Ian Roque
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