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This is a list of Island Natives.  Right now they're a list of sites in no particular order.  More will be added soon.
Andy H.  - Andy's a fellow Iowa State computer engineer.  Believe it or not we've had a few classes together but I didn't meet know him until my senior year.  We had the same interview session at Motorola, and we graduated the same time at Iowa State.  We both work at Motorola in the same department. 
Asten R. - Asten is also a fellow Iowa State computer engineer from Omaha, Nebraska.  We've had a ton of classes together and he was a member of our senior design project group.  Asten and also graduate at the same time and he also works for Motorola, but in a different department in Arlington Heights.  He's a GSM guy and I know he does GPRS software programming or something along those lines.
Aaron S. - Aaron is some dude we picked up on the street from Huron, South Dakota on our way from Wisconson Dells to San Francisco.  At some point during this trip he made fun of my van, which was called the "Mystery Machine" at the time.  My dog got a little upset with him after he ate all of his snacks.  A couple of years later we ended up workin  in the same department at Motorola... talk about coincidence. 
Actually that's not true... well, some of it's true, I'll let you decided what's true and what's not.
(more to come soon).



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